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I have been researching websites that cover Japanese aviation in my quest to become better versed in the Japanese Army and Navy Air Forces that defended the Japanese Home Islands during the last months of the Pacific War. There are a number of websites on Japanese aviation just in the Japanese language. While I wish I was fluent in the Japanese language, acquiring the ability to read and speak a new language is most likely unrealistic at my age. There may be some truth to the saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Or it may be that the motivation the learn a new language is just lacking. Probably more of the later than the former.

One of the most comprehensive English language websites on Japanese aviation is the Aviation of Japan blog ( Started in March of 2008, the blog has a tremendous amount of information of interest to historians and modelers.

The blogger (“Straggler”) is Nicholas Millman, who is one of Britain’s leading researchers of Japanese military aviation and a member of the Pacific Air War History Associates. He is the author of three books in the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series; Ki-44 ‘Tojo’ Aces of World War 2 (100), Ki-27 ‘Nate’ Aces (102), and Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces (114).

A significant number of posts focus on paint colors used on and in Japanese Army and Navy aircraft. This information provides greater clarity in an area that can best be described as confusing for modelers. The posts provide paint chips regarding the color, possible variations, and equivalents within recognized color standards. Mr. Millman was the expert that AK Interactive consulted when developing their Air Series acrylic paint sets for Japanese Army and Navy aircraft, and their Real Color acrylic lacquer equivalents.

In addition, Mr. Millman provides more in depth color analysis pieces in PDF that can be purchased on the website. They range from a 8 page analysis of Yellow Orange to a 46 page analysis of IJN Dark Greens, and some of the pieces are bundled. If you are striving for accuracy in your modeling of Japanese aircraft, these pieces are worth considering.

Other blog posts range from new kit reviews, nostalgic kit reviews, after market product reviews (decals, vacu-formed canopies and masks, and resin updates), book reviews, historical posts, and completed builds. Modelers can have their builds posted on the blog, and there are some truly fantastic builds presented.

There have been a tremendous number of posts to blog since 2008, and without doing the math, I would estimate that Mr. Millman averages around one post per week. To assist modelers and historians, there is a search function that will allow you to go directly to the subject you are researching. Very nice touch.

This is a fantastic blog for any modeler interested in Japanese aviation. Mr. Millman is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and is very quick to respond to inquiries. Definitely a blog worth following.

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