Building 607 ‘Dolly’ – Build Installment #4

Here is the assembled and painted Packard built Rolls Royce Merlin engine. I painted the engine with Mr. Color Flat Black (33) because I wanted the durable finish that only a lacquer based paint can provide. It will be handled some while adding detail (ignition harnesses, spark plug wires, plumbing, etc . . .), and water based acrylics are just not that durable. I used a flat paint because I colored the numerous bolt heads and nuts with a Sanford Prismacolor Metallic Silver pencil, and these pencils just do not work well on gloss paints.

I purchased some round lead wires ranging from .2 mm to .6 mm for some of the additional detail to be added to the engine from UMM-USA. The lead wires should make it easier as far as forming the ignition harnesses and spark plug wires.

Owned by master modeler, John Vojtech, UMM-USA is an on-line store specializing in tools and supplies for adding fine detail to models. Worth a look if you are getting into adding fine detail to your models.

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